Becoming a Personal Trainer

Becoming a certified personal fitness trainer (PFT) is one of the most popular career choices in the health and fitness profession. To be successful you need to demonstrate commitment and education, in short you need to put the time in.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Over the last few decades people have undeniably become more health conscious and this has meant a burgeoning interest in and increased availability of options for those considering a career as a PFT.

Communicating your passion

The first point that any aspiring PFT has to consider is how they translate their own obvious enthusiasm into improving the fitness of others. As with any good teacher a good PFT must continually develop and hone their communication and inter-personal skills. This means listening to and motivating your clients. It means communicating the purpose of a particular exercise and explaining how it improves the functioning of the body.

In addition it means knowing how the body works from a dietary, nutritional and systemic perspective. You need to know about “biological molecules”, you need to know how the muscles work and you need to know what the term “balanced diet”.

A second is that a good PFT concentrates on the type of exercises and training activities that they themselves are good at and so are more likely to enjoy. This is crucial how many of us remember dull and boring classes at school, which killed any enthusiasm for that particular subject?

You need to convey your enthusiasm, enjoy working closely with people and derive satisfaction from helping them achieve their goals. You must ask yourself some very pertinent questions and answer them honestly before you embark on a career as a PFT. In other words you need to understand what the day to day life of a personal trainer might be like. Then you ask “Can I actually do this?”

Questions and Certification

To ascertain this you should be talking to those who are already succeeding in the job, in many ways this can be seen as an invisible college for the fitness industry. We all know that such advice is in any career is second to none; the fitness industry is no different. You should not have too much difficulty with this, most PFT’s got into the business to help others, and they concurrently want to help you do the same. OK so now you have done the groundwork, you’ve gone out into the field and you’ve answered yes in all honesty to those pertinent questions alluded to above. What next?

Well you can’t just walk and get on with it, you need to get certified. There are numerous online and offline courses available depending on your circumstances and location. For instance in London there is Be A Better You that offer online personal trainer courses as well as face to face training in Canary Wharf.

However, as with any profession the possession of that all important piece of paper shows that you are dedicated to the industry. The number of certificates available can be daunting, so you need to decide which one is for you. Whatever path you choose without PFT certification of some kind you are highly unlikely to be considered for meaningful professional employment.

Develop Your Career From A Log Cabin

When you’ve decided to write the next bestselling novel, The 50 Shades of Something Else, it’s often difficult to find the time and space in your own home to work unhindered. Your family, and in particular any small children, will find it difficult to understand that when you’re tapping away on your laptop computer, you’re actually building for their future, so they can live in a life of luxury they deserve.

Regrettably, you probably can’t write a 400 page bestselling novel over the course of a weekend. If you can manage to write 10 pages a day, that still means you need 40 days to get you to the end of your first version.

Develop Your Career From A Log Cabin

Develop Your Career From A Log Cabin

After that, several rewrites will keep you busy for another month or two. Wouldn’t this be easier if you could move down the garden to a log cabin office and take a couple of weeks off work and write 30 pages a day?

Working from your log cabin office

Working from home provides lots of advantages. You can be at work minutes after you have woken up and you can be asleep in your own bed minutes after you have finished your day’s work. If the sun is shining just a little you can move your garden chair and laptop outside and if the clouds gather you can move back into your log cabin and continue working without really needing to relocate or be disturbed.

There are also a number of disadvantages when you choose to work from home. You might end up working longer days and seven days a week. You’ll miss the social activity of mixing with colleagues and perhaps customers. You’ll be interrupted by people wanting to sell you double glazing.

Nevertheless, working from home is a great place to organise a business start-up at low cost, especially if you can operate away from your main home, have less distractions and work from a log cabin office.

Setting up your log cabin office

You’ll need to test your Wi-Fi connection to see if it can reach the main unit in your home. If not, you will have to extend your router’s capabilities which might mean extending some cabling down into your log cabin office.

Although laptop batteries can last all day, your day might be too long if you don’t have a spare replacement battery handy. For this and unless you have installed solar panels for your lighting, you might need to hook up a car battery to provide enough electricity to your log cabin or complete the job properly and have an extension to your main electricity supply rooted to your log cabin office.

You will, no doubt, wish to add a fridge for the cooler days and a coffee making machine for the winter months. With a wireless printer, you’re now set to run your business start-up from your log cabin office.

Many people start their business operations working from home, but most have to be satisfied with a space in the main house. Adding a log cabin office might remove some of your funds initially, but it will add value to your property and make it any easier sale when you’ve made your millions and need to move on to a larger home, and of course, a larger log cabin office at the bottom of your garden.

How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The modern working world is a hectic place for most people and this can take its toll if you don’t have the right balance in your life. Of course work is important.

This is where your aspirations and dreams can become reality with the right amount of application and a bit of good luck. Work can be fulfilling and enjoyable, but there is more to life than work, and it is important to remember this.

How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

What is the right work-life balance?

This is a question that has perplexed people for generations and which continues to do so. People have struggled with this balance and this can lead to stress if someone is a workaholic, a lack of fulfilment if someone just cruises along at work and doesn’t commit to a career, and personal problems if someone doesn’t spend enough time with loved ones. Various other problems can arise from having an imbalanced life, so it is vital to try and resolve this.

Finding a balance

Finding the right work-life balance requires you to consider all the things that are important to you and to find space for them all in your life. This is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but if you can achieve it your chances of being happy at work and at home will be dramatically increased.

There is work and the importance of that usually includes things like earning a decent living so that you can be comfortable, having a position that challenges you mentally and having some security so that there is no unnecessary anxiety in your life.

Important things outside of work usually include a partner and possibly children, plus parents, siblings and other relatives. This extends to friends too, and anyone who you care about.

A good work-life balance will include a job that fulfils you and gives you financial security, but not one that prevents you from spending time with the people you are essentially earning money for.

It is too easy to get carried away with work and to work all the hours that are available in order to earn more money, but take a step back think about what you are working for, and the answers should present themselves.

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